Personalized Cards Printed on Quality Cardstock

At My Love Talks, we live the same lives that everyone else does. Through that life, we found a need to give a voice to people looking for a better way to express themselves. We know we're not the only people who want to share our thoughts, so we make it our business to help you share your thoughts on custom anniversary cards, sympathy cards, and much more.

Tailored To You

We want you to know that we're here to help you share whatever emotions you want to express. We know how to take your feelings and put them into words to get your feelings across. We care, and we're family-owned-and-operated. My Love Talks is a small company that delivers personalized cards printed on quality cardstock.

Our Mission

Our mission isn't simply to express our thoughts, but to express your thoughts to those you love without the confines of "political correctness." We help you say what you feel in the truest way possible, the way you live and think. We believe we each have that gift of expression from the heart, and that we should each share that gift with the world.

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